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The Patience Of Success!

Let’s be honest, very few of us like to wait. Waiting is difficult. Waiting is agonizing. Waiting can be downright frustrating. It can even lead to the breakdown of one’s self-esteem. After all, if we were good, we would be successful. Right? Success is the reflection of how good we are. Its a measure of our intelligence and how we are able to navigate into the different structures, using the tools that we have. Its a way for us to showcase how we can network, while building healthy relationships with people. So, we are doing all of that. And still, we are not getting what we want. We are not getting what we are working for, and we are about to explode. So, what do we do?

Unfortunately, no one ever told us that there would be a straight shot at success. That here lays a pathway of the beginning. And, as long as we stay on that pathway, we are going to arrive at point Z, while earning the rewards of success. Right? Right.

Its a hard reality check. Unfortunately, no one ever really told us that our arrival to success would result in U-turns, bumps, sideways, and detours. Things are never just straight and narrow. There are stop signs and yield signs. There are times when we can not go left or venture right. Sometimes, we may think we are moving when we are really just driving in one place. Its a living nightmare. If only someone told us about this sooner. If only there was a blueprint manual given to us to follow through. That’s the idea. Occasionally, we do get those nice help guides. However, even those areas do not give us the final touches.

Patience is truly a virtue when it comes to grappling with the reigns of success. It is a skill which requires tact and discipline. And, let’s be honest. . .not everyone has what it takes to master it. There are times of defeat when things are not going the way we want them to in our careers. We want to give up. We can not deal with the agony of not knowing what is going to happen; especially, when we have done the groundwork of laying everything together. Our efforts appear as if they are in vain. We feel that we are going around in a ruckus. It is literally driving us crazy.

One of the lessons to be learned is that it is not only our hard work and consistency, which is to take place. It is also the measure of. . .timing. Timing is so important. Each person gets their time. Success is also timed through energy. Which means that we have to incorporate patience and consistency in our routine. Pacing ourselves and . . .enjoying the work. When we enjoy what we are doing, it makes the journey to success more worthwhile. It means that we are not working for the sake of. . .working or bragging rights for that promotion. Our personal journeys to success are simply that. . .personal. They are our very own. Which means that we have a say in crafting how they will be.

Another point that we need to understand to our path to success is that it is not meant to burn us out. Not if we are working it right. In each step that we take, we should be feeling relieved, re-energized, and re-stored. Just imagine that we are painting our own map of success. What images would be painted? What would it be? These are important things to think about. Our journeys to success should also be fun and adventurous. That’s how we should be making them. If they are not fun, then why are we on that path? Our time maps to success should not be a fast speed-a-thon in getting there, first. On the contrary, it should be a gradual walk, with occasional jogs. A series of exercises, with intensities on the way. And, don’t forget your cheer squad. They are important and show up along your journey. They provide that Spiritual nourishment of comfort and nurture. And, during those moments when we want to crash, they bring in their magic to comfort us and save the day.

Its alright to want to break a wall, or two, in our journey to success. Its alright to want to scream and shout to the top of the world when we feel that our efforts are being over exerted. That’s fine. Just remember to take those necessary cool downs. Those soothing periods of crying and taking many breaths, or two, in order to get to that next level, where we need to be. We would be lying to ourselves if we actually thought that we should pretend that we are always sure, when in fact. . .we aren’t. There are times when we feel that we have no control over things. Over where we are going and what we need. That is fine, too.

Patience is a virtue. We can say that over and over again. It is definitely true when it comes to success. Furthermore, when we run out of patience is when we need to return to it. Patience teaches us about ourselves. During those times of waiting for new developments or projects, we may end up discovering things about ourselves, that we would never know about, had we zipped our way quickly to the finish line. Discoveries of new skills, talents, and so forth. So, during those moments when we want to speed on by, or give up because our successes are not happening as quickly. . .Pause. Re-group and return to patience. Take a break from everything. Reflect. Remember. Understand why you even started on this journey from the beginning and return to that moment when you said, YES! Yes, to success. Yes, to the best. And let, patience return you to your journey’s way.