Cairns & Co

Intern of the Year Announced: Connor Meaney

Cairns & Co announced today the winner of the 2019 Intern of the Year Award. Hailed as the company’s top recognition to up-and-coming individuals who demonstrated strong leadership abilities and dedication throughout their internship length. The race to win this award was a very tough one as incredible individuals showcased their skills and knowledge to and through. However, Connor Meaney took home the title of “Best Intern of 2019 — Cairns & Co.”

Growing up, Connor Meaney had role models others could really only wish for with his father serving as chief legal counsel for a large financial institution as well as his mother also an executive within another large financial firm. With these role models to guide him, Connor knew one thing whilst completing his final year at Fairfield University with a B.S in Finance and a Minor in Classical Studies, he wanted to accomplish great things.

This would explain his commitment to helping people not only since his first opportunity to demonstrate leadership abilities by becoming a ski instructor for youth groups, but also by becoming an instrumental component to his university’s rugby team.

With both of these experiences in mind, Connor Meaney has been one of the best interns we’ve had the pleasure to work with here at Yang & Partners. Not only has he exemplified the aspects of the ideal student by being extremely coachable, but also taking every aspect of feedback and implementing it right away to see his success every day, week, and months that he’s been with us.

Through pure metrics, Connor was able to produce a total revenue, between himself and a team of 5 individuals, of $30,000 over the course of two months with 30% translating to recurring revenue. His results stem from the “If you’re not laughing you’re not living” philosophy he chooses to operate with. This is apparent in the energy he brings in and outside the office at all of our events really epitomizing that work doesn’t have to feel like work, and coworkers don’t have to just be coworkers.

With all these attributes, results, and stories that Connor’s been able to leave behind with us here at Cairns & Co, it’s with a warm heart we are proud to name Connor Meaney our 2019 Intern of the Year.