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Provide top-notch quality services for our clients


Provide an unbiased opportunity for our employees.


Generate high-yielding results for our partners.

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We build trust in teamwork to professionally empower low-risk high yield methods of improvement. We deliver the kind of results on the bottom line our investors and partners expect and deserve. We are a professional family that has a top of the line culture which is scalable, promoting and shaping better connections through foundations. Cairns & Co continue to grow everyday thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many industries such as financial, energy, business services, consumer products, telecommunications, non-profits, and technology.

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Our History

Cairns & Co began operations in the Bay Area of California and has since expanded to each and every time zone within the U.S. With the combination of the never ending appetite of our clients across the U.S. coupled with our people’s hunger to not just take part, but take over we’ve expanded past our humble beginnings with the telecommunications industry, to food and beverage, merchant services, and looking forward to our stake in the non-profits sector.

  1. Birthplace of a Partnership

    San Francisco

    Cairns & Co begins working with a giant in telecommunications: Xfinity.

  2. The First Expansion


    We faced our fears, and decided to take a step in the right direction by moving onto the Rocky Mountain region, and began representing our first Non-profit organization: The Nature Conservancy.

  3. Matching the size of Texas


    We begin working with a giant in the energy sector: Direct Energy. We also expanded our horizons into the Food and Beverage industry by working with startup Hello Fresh.

  4. Northeast Takeover


    Our best decision yet. We decided to make the bold move to move to the Northeast as a strategic positioning to cover competitive markets within reach.

  5. Where to Next?

    Our Vision

    As we look at the future, we are setting our goals to continue expanding nationally into markets like Chicago, Nashville, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City. And Internationally into London and Barcelona.

Our Values

Honesty and devotion are the bedrock of our success.

We are transparent and honest with every person who walks through the door. Whether is a client, partner, or an employee, our main emphasis is to build long-lasting relationships by ensuring both parties are meeting their needs and building trust.

Having fun is the way we work.

Our team knows that it is all about having fun. When you have fun, everything gets easier and more enjoyable. We achieve more and work collectively towards a common goal. Having fun is how a team grows.

Listening is key.

Our team knows that listening is the key to success. We take our time to understand our clients’ needs to meet their expectations, as well as listening to our team’s needs for their own growth and success.

Open Door Policy

Transparency is key, therefore, we are always eager to hear back from our employees and our clients. Feedback is what helps us improve our processes and grow quicker.

We Place Our People First

Without a strong foundation nothing can stand, so we build our leaders in order to build our legacy in the framework of the workplace.

Hard work gets rewarded

We believe that every good deed deserves recognition. Our employees get the recognition they deserve from their peers.

Ready to get started?

We are adapting new measures to slow the spread!

As the world around us is changing our priorities change with it! Safety has become our number 1 priority as a company.

  1. Everyone gets temperature scans before they come into the office
  2. Hand sanitizer as you walk in
  3. Social distancing encouraged