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Working at Cairns & Co

Setting the pace in the marketplace...

We believe that the correct mindset, and culture are the backbone to any strong organization. Our mindset is growth-oriented, and our culture is family oriented. We believe stagnant situations in the workplace are the quickest way to bring down team morale and overall productivity. Our team and clients want to grow, and they want to grow fast. Up and down the entire west coast from Seattle, Washington to San Diego, California is where we see our branches expanding into. Our vision plus the actions our team are taking will be what defines us in this 21st century.

Why everyone here has an opportunity to win!

We have established four foundations that have become the core to which we use to run our organization; these four pillars describe our company’s culture and values and makes it a unique experience for everyone working here:

Compete with, not against each other

We believe the best way to drive metrics is through the leadership and internal drives of every team member; which is why we choose to foster a healthy competitive environment where we’re looking for the next bar setters, not standard holders. Competing is the best way to encourage those to go above and beyond to show the right example for those following.

Have fun, then work

We strongly believe that employees are significantly more productive when they are having fun. Our “have fun, then work” approach has enabled us to build a strong workforce that’s not only committed to our company’s vision, but also is excited to come in to work everyday; it’s a lifestyle. Mondays are the best days of the week.

Up is the only way

Our main goal as a company is to develop employees into world-class leaders. Our systemized training has enabled us to promote over a handful of individuals into management, where their main focus is to grow and manage campaigns for our clients nationwide; we only promote people within, so everyone has a fair shot.

Upward Mobility

We believe that individuals should be compensated based on the value they bring into the organization. At Cairns & Co the sky isn’t the limit but the start. We offer our team members the opportunity to have an unlimited earning potential and growth potential within the first year at the company.

This is what working at Cairns & Co looks like

Our goal is to discover and develop world-class leaders, and help them reach their full potential in three main key areas, which are sales, leadership, and management.

Interested in joining our team?

We are adapting new measures to slow the spread!

As the world around us is changing our priorities change with it! Safety has become our number 1 priority as a company.

  1. Everyone gets temperature scans before they come into the office
  2. Hand sanitizer as you walk in
  3. Social distancing encouraged