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How our campaign is impacting the world

Unicef is a global outreach program that runs through state-of-the-art charities. These facilities offer clean water, reliable electricity and care centers. Because over 50% of the population lives within 100 miles of the coast, we’re able to sail a modern hospital ship with a crew of 400 volunteers directly to people who lack access to first-rate medical care. They have provided over 92,000 life saving surgeries on with these programs and have 594 ports they utilize. *.
Aiding these global efforts are our promotional teams within the United States. They create promotional events primarily at local street festivals and fairs. At these location they spread awareness of the program and accept donations.


Quick Facts

  • Promotional events held at street festivals and outdoor events
  • 200-10,000 attendees per event
  • Average of 12 events monthly per market.
  • 7 markets currently in service under this campaign.


The Issue

Our promotional teams focused primarily on Street festivals and local outdoor events, while working on the Unicef campaigns. At these events, the team received donations for Unicef and its global efforts for free life-changing surgeries and medical care for suffering children and families. The primary concern the group faced was unawareness of the program.


The Objectives

Our Unicef campaigns were charity fundraising events held mainly at local festivals and street fairs. Currently, the relief agency runs primarily one ship in Africa. The teams wanted to raise an excess of $30,000 in pledged donations over the course of 4 months. The team needed to bring awareness to the program in order to receive gain pledged donations.

Why Street Festivals and Outdoor Events?

Outdoor events have proven to be very effective for our promotional teams. At these local events, they can reach a large, local crowd in just a single day. The attendance at such events can range from 200 to over 20,000. By targeting a select events, our promotional teams can efficiently get in-front of thousands of people in a positive environment where people are readily approachable.

How Were the Objectives Achieved?

By establishing promotional sites at local events and festivals, the Unicef teams aimed to spread awareness and gain pledged contribution. By attending various local events throughout their market areas the United States, they were able to engage with thousands of people. Through these efforts, they were able to successfully create program awareness and gain valuable donations for Unicef.


The Results

Over the length of the campaign, the Unicef promotional teams were able to meet their goals of $30,000 in pledged contributions. At the various festivals and local fairs they attended they were able to meet this target. The crowd presence, while sometimes lower than expected, still brought about expected donationations. The promotional teams were able to properly educate potential donors as to the aid relief efforts of Unicef. Donors who had often previously been unaware of the organization left feeling confident their donations were contributing to a worthy cause.


Takeaways for Brand Ambassadors

  1. Stay on a Positive Note

While Unicef seeks to bring humanitarian and medical care to those in need throughout the globe, our promotional team members found it best to focus on the positive and optimistic results. The areas aided through Unicef are often struggling with diseases, poverty, and child hunger. However, Unicef brings messages of hope and compassion. The marketing teams conveyed the struggles and needs of the service areas but found it best to focus on the hope and relief that Unicef who contribute, the teams had far better success in encouraging individual donations.


In Conclusion

The teams working with Unicef campaigns to obtain donation worked diligently to promote the cause and efforts of the company. They did find that many of the people they approached were unaware of the company and they needed to provide overview information of their mission. The teams were able to provide necessary information on the company through printed marketing materials and personal engagements. In this manner, they were able to meet their goals on pledged donations for Unicef.