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Finding the right customers at the right place

With a well-known provider of telecommunications services in the United States, conducting small scale on-site promotions can be challenging. This case study looks at handling consumer concerns with previously enlisted AT&T services.


The Events

The DirecTV/AT&T Campaign is a promotional marketing event held in many locations across the United States. It aims to enlist customers with AT&T Residential services such as internet, AT&T TV, and home phone lines. This campaign does not include AT&T cellular services. The profile of the AT&T customers is large and ranges from 18-90 years of age. The scope of the marketing events includes several contracted retail locations with around 50-200 people attending each event.


Quick Facts

  • 3-5 weekly events per market are held on average
  • 50-200 attendees per event
  • 12 markets currently in service under this campaign.
  • Events are primarily executed in retail locations targeted toward homeowners.


The Issue

While holding marketing events for AT&T Residential services, our team found there were several issues that frequently presented with customers. One of the most common being problems with cellular services. Many potential customers of the AT&T residential services, had expressed difficulties with their existing or previous AT&T cell phone services. The team needed to recognize these concerns with AT&T and address them in terms of residential services.

Why Residential locations?

According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2018 over 65% of adults in the US have home broadband service. And, about 9 in 10 US adults use internet services. Conducting AT&T promotional campaigns at retail locations allows the team to engage with a large audience of consumers. 


The Objectives

AT&T is well established as a communications specialist with cellular and internet services. The marketing team needed to overcome objections to AT&T internet service based on previous cell phone service experiences by customers. They needed to convey the effectiveness of AT&T Residential customer service care.

How Were the Objectives Achieved?

During promotional events at retail locations, the AT&T team was able to engage with a large number of potential customers. When faced with customer concerns over previous AT&T cellular service issues, the team carefully acknowledged their apprehensions. They then assured customers that AT&T residential services are superior to those of other providers and that AT&T has developed an excellent customer service system. Additional the enlisting team member acts as a point-of-contact and a liaison between the new customer and AT&T. In effect, they ensure the customer will have a smooth transition to the AT&T services.


The Results

Many of the customers who engaged with the AT&T team had had previous experiences with AT&T cellular services, and some voiced concerns over these services. By alleviating these concerns and acting as customer service representatives themselves, the AT&T team members had amazing success with the campaign. Over a 4 month period, the team initiated over 3,000 contracts.


Takeaways for Brand Ambassadors

  1. Keeping in Touch

With these AT&T campaigns that drive in new customers, its is essential to keep in touch with these customers. After initially signing up with AT&T services, customers tend to hold their initiating team member accountable for successful activation. By following up with new clients, a team member reassures that the services they are getting are reliable. It helps prevent dissatisfied customers and potential cancellations.

  1. The importance of Properly Training Representatives

Crucial to the retention of newly enlisted clients, is the conveyance of correct information and thorough explanation of services. For greater success, team members require proper training and education as to the products and services AT&T offers. Customers expect representatives to be knowledgeable and able to answer their questions.


In Conclusion

Through the excellent partnerships that were formed with multiple locations, the AT&T marketing team was able to approach a large audience of homeowners and promote AT&T home services. With a carefully devised promotional campaign, our marketing team was able to educate this target audience on the peace-of-mind and cost benefits of AT&T products. Great success with AT&T products was achieved by our marketing team.