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How This Campaign Boosted Xfinity's Success

Running small events as part of a country-wide campaign has plenty of challenges. This case study looks at how our organization streamlined their processes for the best results.


The Events

The Comcast Xfinity Campaign is an ongoing string of events helping consumers learn more about technology products and services, happening in multiple locations across the United States.

The Xfinity brand was established in 1963 by Ralph J. Roberts. The audience profile is wide and ranges ages from 18-90 years of age and about 80 – 200 people attend each event. 

Quick Facts

  • Daily events per market
  • 80-200 attendees per event
  • Average of 15 events daily per market.
  • 22 markets currently in service under this campaign.
  • Events are primarily executed in retail locations.

The Issue

The Xfinity team faced a series of challenges when launching these events. The biggest challenge was how to condense all the information they have on the products and services under 5 minutes. They refined the content to make sure that everyone who attends will be able to get their best out of the services. 


Why retail locations?

Comcast Xfinity is currently based in Philadelphia and hosts branding and experiential events nationwide so they knew they needed the best platform to showcase their products and services, otherwise it would be impossible to get to the right people. The ability to make the campaign versatile was also essential to match their strong brand values, embed within their own website and also to sell the different packages they wanted to offer. 


The Objectives

The objective of Comcast Xfinity is to introduce their new brand products: X1 Cloud™, Xfinity® Mobile™, X Home™ and Xfi™. The company believes that the lifestyle of consumers can be facilitated with the features recently added to their devices and the quality of programs they host in their platform. 

How Were the Objectives Achieved?

A major obstacle initially to get the event up and running was getting a solid partnership that will enable our partners and our clients get the best results. We contacted several retailers nationwide to extend our reach. We were able to begin working with major US retailers, such as: Walmart, BestBuy, Fry’s Electronics, HEB, Simon Malls.

Our events team was able to then, get to Xfinity’s customers and ask the appropriate questions that enabled to create brand awareness, increase brand engagement, and of course increase revenue for our client.


The Results

Overall, it was significantly easier getting the events set up, and created to start selling Xfinity products and services faster with the retail agreement model. It also opened up a whole new avenue of marketing opportunities, resulting in increased sales and more return customers and larger-scale events.

The events have been so successful that the expansion plans for Xfinity are like never before, with sights in expansion for our partnership into 25 new markets before 2020. 


Takeaways for Brand Ambassadors

  1. Don’t Forget the Follow Up

Following up with customers afterward is extremely important, particularly on events such as this focused on driving engagement and sales. Xfinity uses our partners’ ambassadors to help keep customers in the loop, not just for sales but for experience and updates.

  1. Choose The Appropriate Location Will Help Your Volume

Xfinity and our partners increased their volume of consumer interaction by placing the events in the best location within the store: the electronics department section. They found that by interacting with consumers who were essentially shopping for electronic devices, they will perhaps need services to said device.

  1. Choose Already-Trained Specialists Will Reduce Overhead for Clients

Xfinity found that by using our services and being assigned some of our partners in specific locations, they reduced the overhead and the hassle of training individuals to represent the brand. It gave them peace of mind and the results came to show that it was worthy.


In Conclusion

If you are running a campaign with multiple locations you need to build a relationship with retailers to facilitate your reach and get to the right audience. Through in-store events, Xfinity were able to focus on the important stuff, the delivery of the information. As well as driving sales and engagement for their brand.