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We bring value through the quality of our services and our competition-driven team

Campaign Development

We take on the challenge to build a campaign and brand from beginning to end. By tracking every step of the way and ensuring progression. We then provide our clients with accurate data outlining the results from our campaign.

Customer Acquisition

We understand that a business without new customers is not growing. We do what our clients need in order for them to grow. We get new customers whilst maintaining the ongoing relationship with the existing ones.

Client Relations

With a team specialized in providing quality services and experience, we ensure our clients have the best of the best. After all, we know we are the face to your brand, therefore we need to do it right.


Our events are taking the marketing out of the office and into the consumer base, enabling our clients to directly reach the customers and demonstrate their product advantage. We take care of the organization and operation of these as it is our responsibility from planning to execution.

By reaching out to the prospects at a specific event, our trained associates have the chance to build a personalized relationship with customers, and effectively explain the advantages of your product. Our services include design, development, and evaluation of marketing campaigns.


We thrive on taking a brand and designing competitive campaigns that will allow them to move forward and beat their competitors. When a client hires us, they can rest assured that we will develop our research and almost immediately generate revenue for them.

We will map several budget scenarios, portraying how much an entire campaign costs, and what the possible return on investment will be. Based on our research we will also suggest possible mark-downs on certain products or services to make it more appealable to your target audience. All with the purpose of driving customers to your business.

Retail Campaigns

We have designed a unique approach to our in-store retail sales and marketing. Top sales talent, emphasized in development and innovative techniques to generate revenue for your brand.

While we understand that other approaches are taking over the market, such as social media and digital signs, We still continue driving our in-store promotions with the most efficient tool in place: the trained sales associate and brand ambassador. There is no other technique that can compare to the power of a human advert that can close the sale on the spot.

Sales & Residential Services

Cairns & Co have full-time associates all over the continental United States capable of promoting and selling your product. Their years of experience are enough leverage to obtain results. We allow you to scale into small territories locally, nationally and perhaps globally with the team of professionals we have trained and developed.

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We are adapting new measures to slow the spread!

As the world around us is changing our priorities change with it! Safety has become our number 1 priority as a company.

  1. Everyone gets temperature scans before they come into the office
  2. Hand sanitizer as you walk in
  3. Social distancing encouraged